Why Are My Basement Windows Leaking?

Why Are My Basement Windows Leaking?

Are your basement windows leaking? Leaky basement windows can be quite an issue, especially if your basement is otherwise finished. Water leaking in can dampen carpet or get on belongings and lead to all kinds of issues. So, Let’s sort out the cause of your basement windows leaking and then find the solution to fix it.

Condensation Vs. Infiltration

The first thing we have to determine about your basement moisture problem is whether it’s caused by condensation or infiltration. You may not realize it, but poorly installed windows, or those that have been installed for many years, can cause enough condensation buildup to appear leaky. This is because old windows lose their insulation over time, allowing the cold, outdoor temperature to draw moisture toward the window from inside.

On the other hand, some windows are working perfectly fine and are just getting overloaded with water. Water pooling against a window is enough to make any window leak. That’s when water infiltration happens, leaving you with a stream of dirty water pooling into your basement. Yuck!

Ground Level

To figure out whether you’re dealing with condensation or infiltration, you should start by knowing where the ground level is. If the ground is above the bottom of your window, there’s a good chance it’s infiltration. However, the easiest way to check is to see if the inside pane of the window is wet. Swipe a hand across the top of the pane. Is it damp? Fogged up? If so, you might just need to lower the moisture levels in your basement, or consider replacing the window to improve insulation.

If the top of your window pane is dry, you’re almost definitely experiencing a leak. Even better signs are visible water pooling at the window or witnessing the leak in action. However, there’s no reason to wait until the next time it rains to take action.

Window Well Waterproofing

If your window is leaking due to water flowing toward it from the ground level, the best solution is window well waterproofing. Fortunately, window well waterproofing is a simple procedure that will stop basement windows leaking and keep your home dry, as intended.

Window well waterproofing is as simple as digging some of the soil out from in front of the window, putting down a drain, attaching your new drain to an outflowing pipe, and then covering the drain in gravel, to keep out debris.

Window Replacement

Some leaky basement windows continue to have moisture problems because they also have condensation issues. If your window is frequently collecting moisture, this is an easy way to develop mold. Old windows that don’t insulate enough to keep away condensation should be replaced when possible.


If you’re not keen on replacing the windows in your basement, you can also invest in a small dehumidifier. This will suck the moisture out of the basement air, making condensation harder to accumulate, even if the insulation of the window is poor.

If you’ve got questions about window well waterproofing or other basement waterproofing procedures, give us a call at POM Waterproofing. We look forward to hearing from you!

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