Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I determine if the basement foundation has to be waterproofed? If you see any amount of water on the floor or walls. Musty odors in your basement or mold growth, wet walls, cracks, or holes.
  • How to spot waterproofing problems in my basement? If basement is not finished then its easier to find problems such us (cracks in concrete or block wall, staining on the walls or floor) white stains or powder on the walls tells that moisture gets in through the concrete or block walls. If your basement is finished then you might have to check where walls meet the floor, around windows or doors for any stains or wetness. Paint bubbles or stains.
  • What are the best methods of basement waterproofing? There are two basic approaches and are situation dependent. The waterproofing of the basement may be done on the outside or the inside of the home. Sometimes, in extreme situations, both methods may be applied to stop leakage or moisture in the basement.
  • What else may cause moisture in the basement? Many moisture issues are caused by improper drainage around the outside of the home. Improper grading, clogged gutters or gutters with water flow not directed at least ten feet away from the house can cause water issues. A drainage system inside the basement can be installed, typically around the perimeter of the walls. The idea is that water is drained away before it hits the floor of the basement.
  • How long will it take? It is dependent on the method of waterproofing and scope of work such us (Access, type of soil in your neighbourhood, depth and how many liner feet must be waterproofed).
  • Is there any rebate or subsidy from the city? Many cities are offering subsidy to cover some cost but only on sump pumps and back water valves installation to protect houses from floods.
  • Do you have licence? There is no licence for waterproofing as this type of work does not require any licences. This type of work requires a good amount of experience and knowledge of building code. Any company that does this type of work should have (WSIB, Liability insurance, Registered Contractor Metro Licence) In some situations waterproofing work interferes with plumbing in this case we have licenced plumbers to carry this work regarding to the plumbing code.
  • Is there is any warranty after work is completed? Yes, 25 years of transferable warranty.