Exterior Waterproofing and Damp Proofing

Exterior waterproofing is one of most efficient and reliable ways to perform waterproofing of your property. This technical solution includes 2 protections – damp proofing and waterproofing.
Damp proofing protects your foundation structure elements from the effects of moisture in the soil. The damp proofing is an asphalt base coat applied by hand or sprayed on your foundation wall.
Waterproofing has been designed to insure redirecting of underground water away from the foundation wall to make sure that water won’t seep through. The waterproofing collects all the water in the soil and re-directs it to special drains (weeping tiles) to drain it away.

Developing a Proper Solution

There are multiple solutions available to provide waterproofing for the structural parts of your property. After the moisture level and the condition of the building has been found, our specialists will provide an optimal solution for the situation. We want to make sure that your problem will be solved 100%, without you being overcharged for unneeded services.

Complex Solutions

We may find that the most successful waterproofing plan is something multifaceted. Our team will find the best combination of steps and take it to our highly skilled technical consultant. All of our solutions will be based on investigation performed during our first site visit.

Our technical consultant will explain to you the required process step-by-step. This process will protect your basement from foundational water corrosion. Additionally, it will make your basement a functional part of your home again. When we’re through explaining, you’ll know exactly what we plan to do. After all, it’s important to us to communicate clearly with clients.

Installation of Drainage System

In order to divert water away from the basement structure of your building, we’ll probably install weeping tiles. These are a perforated drainage pipe installed at the level of the foundation wall. It collects water from the ground and drains it to the city storm system or to the sump pump.

Installation of Fluid Membrane System

Prior to installation of waterproof screening, repair of the surface of the foundation wall is mandatory. That’s because we need a flat surface to provide a solid connection between the waterproof screening and the wall. Also, we have to make sure that all the cracks have been repaired prior to installation of any type of waterproofing system.

We coat the surface in a liquid waterproofing membrane after repairing the foundational wall. However, we can do this with a few different materials. Our technical consultant will advise which one is the most suitable. Therefore, we make sure we get the best outcome for your individual home.

Installation of Sheet Membrane System

After we apply the fluid membrane, we can install a heavy duty sheet membrane system. Then, certified technicians will make sure that foundation walls are completely protected.

If you think you need exterior waterproofing in Mississauga for your home, give us a call. We look forward to helping you protect your home from water damage.


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