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Exterior Waterproofing and Damp Proofing

What is Exterior Waterproofing?

If you want to extend the life of your building, then you need exterior waterproofing services from our company. Due to the carried out work, protection for the foundation is being established. It prevents water penetration inside the material during heavy precipitation and waterlogging. It prevents foundation destruction, the unpleasant smell of dampness in the house, and mold growth. It can adversely affect human health, causing allergies, asthma, and other upper respiratory tract diseases.

Specialist chooses waterproofing material depending on climatic conditions, the type of building, and other factors. Therefore, the cost of work is voiced only after the inspection of the object.

Looking for exterior waterproofing companies near you, feel free to contact us! We work all over Toronto, and the team consists of professionals. Of course, waterproofing is best done on new construction, but if you have an old house, it’s no problem for us. Specialists will work to caulk all cracks using modern, safe materials, making your structure watertight.

Why Might You Need Exterior Waterproofing?

It is better to waterproof the building exterior in the first phase of construction of the foundation. It simplifies the work because concrete with a water repellent effect is used immediately. Such a composition quickly hardens and is resistant to strong frosts.

In the future, it is possible to carry out additional waterproofing using roll material. If the building is old,the foundation must be covered with a concrete composition and bitumen after patching the cracks. We conduct waterproofing of the outside of your house in different ways:

  • Horizontal. It protects the foundation, supporting structures, and floors.
  • Vertical. It creates a building from the effects of water from precipitation and waterlogging.

The customer can make a request and choose one type of exterior waterproofing or two. The second option provides better protection but costs more.

There are several methods of waterproofing:

  1. Coating. Multilayer or single-layer coating with thickness from one millimeter to several centimeters. It protects the building from capillary moisture.
  2. Penetrating. It is conducted outside and inside the building. The surface is coated with a mixture of cement with the addition of quartz sand. The compound provides good waterproofing to the foundation forming a crystalline surface.
  3. Adhesive. Exterior house waterproofing is carried out with roll material by sticking it to the surface on the mastic. The material is durable and has good water resistance.
  4. Screen. Suitable for harsh climatic conditions, where the amount of precipitation is increased. Geotextile membrane is used for works.

Also, exterior home waterproofing can be carried out using liquid rubber. In essence, it is a water-based bitumen with modified latex.

Exterior Waterproofing Benefits

Among the benefits of exterior waterproofing are:

  • Protecting the building from moisture penetration.
  • Increasing the service life of the building.
  • Creating a comfortable microclimate inside the building.
  • Eliminating the smell of dampness and mold.

As a waterproofing material is used:

  • Bitumen mastic.
  • Hydrophobic plaster.
  • Hydrophobic impregnation.
  • Film waterproofing membrane.
  • Hydrostekloizol.
  • Technoprock.

The type of material is determined by the foundation material type and the soil on which the building stands. Before a start, exterior waterproofing contractors are carefully inspecting the object for damage, and the ground is checked. If there are defects, work is done to correct them before installing moisture protection.

Common Problems

If waterproofing a house from the outside is not present or is done incorrectly, it will result:

  • Moisture penetration into the foundation.
  • Water seeps through the foundation slab.
  • Moisture seeps in along the joint between the slab and the base of the building.
  • Frontal infiltration of water.
  • Water infiltration at the junction of the wall and foundation.
  • Moisture seepage between the foundation and the base slab.
  • Capillary infiltration of water into the walls through the foundation.

If there are no visual cracks in the building but microcracks, the moisture will get into the walls and gradually lead to dampness, fungal growth on the walls, and slow-building decay. That is why it is crucial to seal all cracks and waterproof the foundation.

7 Basic Steps to Exterior Waterproofing

Need an exterior water seal? We are always happy to help and give a guarantee on all our work and take our work seriously. Waterproofing is installed in several steps:

  1. The technician arrives at the site and performs a thorough inspection for damage and defects.
  2. Before work begins, the surface of the foundation is cleaned of all contaminants. Cracks and microcracks are sealed with cement mortar.
  3. The surface is coated with a special mixture of cement with the addition of water-repellent substances.
  4. The surface is treated with special antifungal impregnation. After drying, waterproofing material is applied.
  5. A water repellent is applied on top of the rolled material in several layers. Each layer must dry before applying the next.
  6. After the end of the work, the surface is checked for defects. If they are found, the damaged area is reworked.

The specifics and timing of work vary depending on the type of materials used and the type of waterproofing. Our company employs the best master who oversees the work at each stage, carefully checking the correctness of the waterproofing. To make sure the external waterproofing serves you for a long time, you work only when the weather is dry, and the weather is warm.

Why Choose POM Group WATERPROOFING for Your Exterior Waterproofing Services in Toronto?

If you urgently need exterior waterproofing near you, you can leave an application on our company’s website or contact us in any convenient way. We work with commercial organizations and ordinary citizens. Get a quote and get a price list. You can contact our managers who are always in touch.

Our exterior waterproofing experts conduct work responsibly and arrive at the object strictly at the agreed time. All stages of work are preliminarily discussed with the client. We value our reputation and the client’s time, so we try to perform waterproofing in the shortest possible time.

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