Crack Repair

Cracks appearing in your basement, be it on the wall or on the floor, is something to take seriously. Cracks might not look like much, but they all lead to leaking eventually. Leaky cracks in your basement will lead to moisture and moisture will lead to mold. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t want thousands of dollars in mold damage, call a professional who can help with basement crack repair in Mississauga.

Crack Repair DIY

Cracks in your foundation might seem like the kind of thing you can do yourself with some supplies from the hardware store. Technically, you could. Plenty of people have filled foundation cracks by themselves before – but many have failed. This isn’t simply a matter of slapping some sealant on the crack and calling it a day. Different cracks mean different things and different foundations are treated differently. This is why we firmly believe it’s best to rely on someone with experience.
If you’re still standing firm on doing it yourself, here are some things you should keep in mind.
  • Basement floor and wall cracks get treated differently. Cracks in the wall will leak eventually, but cracks in the basement floor shouldn’t. If there’s water coming up through the cracks in your basement floor, there’s significant standing water under your foundation. This is grounds for a below floor drain system.
  • The foundation type matters. A flexible, expanding, urethane sealant can be used if your foundation is poured concrete. This will fill in the cracks and keep moisture from coming through. A foundation of stone or brick, however, is sealed differently because it’s made of many parts put together. These foundations are sealed from the outside using a trowel-on, elastomeric membrane. If exterior patching is too pricey for your budget, there’s an alternative. A tear-resistant liner on the interior, basement wall will work just as well if paired with a below floor drain system.
  • Epoxy will not work as a permanent fix for concrete cracks. When the foundation shifts again, it will just crack along the edges. Having to repair something twice is more difficult than doing it properly the first time. You’ll have to remove what you patched it with before and start over completely.

Call a Professional

In the end, it’s best to call someone who’s been doing these repairs for years. They’ll get in and finish the job in a third of the time it would take you to learn it yourself. Not only that, but they’re less likely to make a costly mistake with the repair. Give us a call at POM Plumbing and we’d be happy to help you with basement crack repair in Mississauga.

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