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Foundation Repair

Concrete Foundation Repair In Toronto

Over time, damage can occur to any foundation. They are caused by shrinkage or hardening of the concrete and other factors. If you have this problem, you need to look for professionals who can fulfill basement foundation repairs near you. It will ensure maximum safety for residents and preserve the value of your building.

Four Different Types Of Foundations

Fixing basement foundations is a complex and significant task. You need plenty of technical knowledge, experience, and skill to do it right. But before proceeding to the direct work, it is necessary to designate the main types of foundations:

  1. Brick. Buildings over 60 years old in older areas are often made of brick. This is quite a strong foundation, which has high durability. But also, a brick foundation has a significant disadvantage – poor waterproofing. In addition, many structures are equipped with low basements.
  2. Concrete. Concrete basements are equipped with monolithic walls and are tight and durable. Failure to comply with the rules of construction can provoke cracks.
  3. Made of concrete blocks. Presented foundations are often found in buildings constructed 40-70 years ago. These are durable buildings, but concrete blocks are not equipped with membrane protection, and the material is hollow. Cracks can appear on the surface of the foundation, letting water in. The moisture will fill the block, and it will begin to leak into a completely different part of the room. Because of this, identifying the source of the leak is quite complicated.
  4. Stone. You can find quite a few houses with stone basements in the old part of town. Most often, these are structures that are 100 years old. Cracks are less likely to appear in such basements.

You can contact our company if you need prompt and high-quality concrete foundation repair near you.

What Causes Foundation Damage?

Any foundation can sag or even shift somewhat. This is caused by various reasons:

  • significant groundwater pressure;
  • the foundation has not been poured the right way;
  • missing or improperly reinforced foundations;
  • displacement or damage to the footing;
  • displacement of soil around the building.

You should inspect the foundation for damage if you notice foundation water leaking or a puddle in the basement. In most cases, these signs indicate that you should look for concrete foundation repair companies near you to perform a qualified restoration.

Five Reasons When You Should Repair A Foundation?

Poured concrete foundation repair should be done for the following reasons:

  1. The more unpatched cracks there are, the greater the risk of water entering your home. Even a little gap can cause damage to your property indoors. For example, window frames made of wood become unusable, and things in the basement become saturated with moisture and rot and swell. Also, high humidity provokes mold and mildew, and rodents or insects can infest.
  2. Cracks in the floor can lead to injuries as occupants can trip over them. In addition, significant defects in the foundation make the building cheaper in the real estate market, making it difficult to obtain a loan.
  3. Any foundation damage will worsen over time. If the soil around the foundation becomes less dense, it will not be able to handle the load. This will cause the ground to swell and settle and negatively affect the foundation – cracks will begin to expand.
  4. The air will begin to leak from outside through the gaps in the basement room. The heating and cooling system is often adversely affected. In the winter, they will cause frosty air to seep into the house and warm air in the summer. To achieve an optimal microclimate inside the building, you will have to increase the heating and air conditioning system capacity because this increases energy consumption.
  5. Serious damage to the foundation can cause the entire house to be at serious risk. The more gaps expand, the more other parts of the building will try to adjust to these structural changes. Cracks can go along the ceiling and floors. As a result, it will cost quite a bit of money to repair the system.

If you can’t wait for the restoration, our specialists are always ready to perform emergency foundation repair by all standards. This is not the first year we’ve been in the business. There are many different home foundation repair contractors on the market right now. But not all of them offer qualified services. To save yourself from unnecessary problems, you can contact our experts for help right away.

What Does Foundation Repair Mean?

After discussing the causes of the damage, we can look at what foundation repair means. If we explain in simple terms what residential foundation repair near you, it means the installation of supports under the structure itself. Then the foundation is lifted and set in position. Even more simply, the foundation is raised and stabilized.

Many foundation repair companies near you work on this principle. In particular, our company is always ready to conduct a qualified restoration of the structural foundation integrity following all the norms and standards, thereby ensuring maximum safety and comfortable living.

Foundation Repair Plan

All foundation repair companies in your area make a plan before they begin work. First, a specialist examines the house and creates a basic plan that specifies the number and location of support. Most often, they are mounted on the perimeter of the foundation. Traditionally, a distance of 7 feet is maintained between the supports.

Installing The Footings

The supports under the building are often referred to as the footings. Restoration can be accomplished by a variety of methods. In any case, piles or piers for support are most commonly used in this situation. They are in the form of a cylindrical column. Support piles are carefully assembled by specialists before any further restoration is done.

Elevating The House

After the ground supports are installed correctly, the specialists lift the watered parts of the house and restore the foundation to the proper height. Elevating The House is accomplished by indenting the piles as the support in the ground begins to press on the foundation, raising it higher. Such a method can be compared to pushing out with a spring. In this situation, the spring is the ground. After the building is raised, a pad is used to position it at the desired level. It is the one that is responsible for the integrity of the foundation.

Foundation Repair For Walls & Floors

Foundation repair services near you may be needed in different situations: if the basement is wet all the time, mold has appeared, there is a noticeable water leak and other signs of damage. Our company’s specialists will quickly cope with any problem. It doesn’t matter if the cracks are in the walls or floor. Repair work can be carried outside or inside the basement room. It all depends on the type of repair chosen.

Advantages Of Foundation Repair

Whatever methods we use, our customers always receive quality basement foundation repair, thereby ensuring their residents a safe and comfortable living in the house. By ordering structural foundation repair near you from our company, you get the following benefits:

  • the maximum stability and durability of the structure;
  • full-fledged sealing of all cracks – now there will be no gaps and other defects;
  • high-quality waterproofing that will not allow water to seep through cracks, so there will be no dampness or mold inside the foundation;
  • several restoration options depending on your needs.

In addition, it is worth noting that a quality repair of the foundation of the house allows you to put the exterior in order. The building will look attractive and well-maintained.

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