Window Well Waterproofing

One of most common places for water penetration is right below the basement window frame. This can be easily fixed with window well waterproofing in Mississauga. We simply install window wells under the basement window and they collect water before it can cause damage. It then redirects to a water drainage system.

How Does it Work?

The “floor” of the water well will be installed below the bottom of the window. It will slope away from the wall and direct water away from the building. The well will then be filled with gravel to ensure there is no water buildup and that it will all filter downward. This keeps water from pooling against the side of the building. A drain pipe is then installed at the lowest point of the well. This pipe is connected to your weeping tile system and ensures that, even when it rains, there is no damage to your property.

All collected water from the window well will be carried to whichever drainage system you have installed for waterproofing. That drainage system will carry all collected water from the house to a main sanitary drainage system. This is where rain water and the like collects. If there is no sanitary drainage system nearby, a French drain may be used to redirect water a safe distance from the house, into the ground.

If you need help with window well waterproofing in Mississauga, give us a call at POM Plumbing and we’ll be happy to help.

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