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Window Well Waterproofing

Our company provides a wide range of services which includes window well installation in Toronto. It is necessary if your basement is damp or there is water leakage. Solving the problem can help window well waterproofing using modern materials. After examining the object, our masters will offer different solutions, allowing you to choose the best for your budget.

Moist basement is often accompanied by hidden or open water leakage during the melting of snow and precipitation. This leads to mold and an unpleasant odor. Even if you already have windows installed, but the problem is not solved, you need to waterproof the basement windows well, which could help eliminate the problem.

A good trap redirects water into the drainage system. The problem may be a clogged drain or a broken well, which leads to water accumulation seeping into the walls through the basement. And it is gradually leading to structure destruction.

Turning to us, you get qualified assistance and a quick solution to the problem. Thanks to our team of professionals and the use of quality materials, we can guarantee a high quality of work for a competitive price.

Why Do You Need Window-Well Installation?

If you find stains on the foundation near your window, you should know that the element is leaking. In this case, a replacement or basement window well repair is required, the sooner the better. Spots usually appear after heavy rains. A puddle forms in the well, gradually soaking into the house foundation. An unpleasant smell of dampness appears in the room, and mold grows. It badly affects the microclimate and human health.

If only the window well is damaged, its restoration does not require much cost and hard physical work. The handyman only needs to install a drainage system and check the window for proper operation. If the window is damaged, you need a repair or replace the construction.

Turning to us, you get a guarantee for the services provided and a cozy and dry basement without leaks. We suggest that you sign a contract for its maintenance to keep your system running smoothly.

Window-Well Installation Process

The installation of a window well is carried out in several steps:

  • A trench is made near the window itself, of any shape. The main thing is that the drainage is below the level of the foundation.
  • The foundation is checked for cracks, which, if any, are sealed. The wall is primed.
  • A rubberized membrane is installed.
  • On it set a grid of fiberglass. It is impregnated with the Hydroshield membrane.
  • Mounting of a rubberized membrane.
  • Plastic, the layer protects the installed waterproofing during backfill.

Be sure to install a drainage board throughout the area of the well. The board is cut near the window opening and firmly attached to the foundation with concrete anchors. The master carefully examines the well for defects. If everything is normal, a gutter is installed, which divert water from the window. It is attached to the foundation, on which gravel is later placed to maintain the level of runoff. The system is carefully fixed. Backfill is carried out with the use of a rammer, guaranteeing a low level of shrinkage.

Sometimes it is necessary to repair the window well if the basement window well leaking due to poor waterproofing is observed. Depending on the cause of the leak, the specialist determines the front of work after inspection of the facility.

There are many nuances in choosing a window well, so we recommend that you contact professionals and do not try to install the system yourself. If the ground is high concerning the foundation, it is relevant to have a window installation. It helps protect the basement from water leakage. Often wells are installed in a yard with inconsistent or uneven soil separation. It has been proven that such windows can protect the home from damage due to water. This is true for buildings with upgraded plumbing and poor drainage systems. In this case, you need to leaking the basement window well repair or reinstall the drainage system. Installation of a well costs many times less.

If you want to make additional protection for your home, call us, and we send a master for an inspection of the object. He selects the best place for the installation.

What Is Window-Well Installation?

A window allows sunlight and air to enter the room, but if there are no wells, water leaks through them. Its installation is recommended when the foundation is below ground level.

Water accumulates during rain and leaks inside because of the poor installation of a drainage system. If the well is bent or raised away from the wall, it must be reinstalled, or the liquid continues to seep inside the basement.

Before calling in a professional:

  • Remove debris from the drainage system.
  • See if there is moisture buildup on the window stones.
  • Installing a window niche helps solve the debris problem.
  • Make sure no water is coming into the window from the gutter.
  • Make sure the gutter is not leaking water inside.

If you don’t want to figure out the problem yourself, contact us. Using our services and installing a window well, you will no longer worry about the window well-leaking water into the basement. The liquid flows into the drain and soak into the soil.

How it is work?

A window well works like a storm door, preventing water from seeping into the room through the basement window. It also protects the window glass from debris from the street that can damage it.

Windows are inserted into an existing wall and are curved or rectangular polyethylene or galvanized screen. They are fixed to the foundation of the house. They function only at ground level. The well is covered with a cover to prevent debris from falling from above.

Lids can be bubble-shaped, semicircular, or rectangular, made of polycarbonate, and resistant to mechanical damage. They are attached to the top of the well. They are translucent and work like greenhouse covers, retaining moisture but letting in light.

Most Common Causes 

The main problem with water leaking into the basement window well arises due to wear of the design itself or clogging of the drainage system with garbage. If you are faced with this, we recommend calling a professional to determine it.

If the problem is a clog, it is solved by removing the debris. In the other case, you may need to repair the system.

Water leaks can occur because of cracks in the gutter, and improperly installed drainage system, and a crumpled drain. If the water cannot escape into the ground, the well will be automatically filled with runoff water and gradually begin to seep inside the room. In this case, it is recommended that the system be reinstalled.

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