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The installation was complicated as the municipal sewage backed up when the pipe was cut, but the team did not complain despite working in harsh conditions.

Lev, Whitby

POM was prompt, courteous and thorough. We would recommend to anyone. We had a backwater valve installed. I called Sunday, got a quote Monday, has the work done the following Monday (including issuing of building permit).

Trisha Grant

They have installed sump pump system in our house. They were very much on time and during the installation they have worked very clean.
You may rely on their advises.
Highly recommended.

Burçin, Toronto

Our Waterproofing Services


Exterior waterproofing is one of most efficient and reliable ways to perform waterproofing of your property.

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Interior waterproofing might be as part of complex solution for the external waterproofing.

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There are 2 possible ways to discharge water from weeping tile system. The first solution is a gravity.

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One of most common places for water penetration is right below the basement window frame.

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The French drain is required in order to re-direct water away from your house.

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Back Water Valve Installation

Backwater valves are a must-have for some buildings, and a should-have for all.

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About POM Waterproofing

POM Group Inc is your partner in solving the PLUMBING and BASEMENT WATERPROOFING problems in your home, providing you absolute peace of mind. Our highly-trained professionals always make sure that not only are immediate problems solved but also, after our free inspection, you will be advised of any problems that might appear in the near future. And if any issues require your closer attention, we will advise what would be the best and most cost-effective solution. Our staff will always ensure that you completely understand the situation and you are completely aware and understand what is going to be done to ensure your 100% confidence before we start and 100% satisfaction after the job is completed.

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