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Waterproofing Services
in Toronto

Protect your home from damage caused by water infiltration

Waterproofing Company Toronto

Our company provides home waterproofing services to all Toronto neighborhoods. With a large team of experts, we manage to make it to all places to protect them from destructive moisture at home.

Our waterproofing contractors near you have extensive experience. We use only tested quality and safe materials in our work that are matched to the building material. We carry out internal and external waterproofing and install drainage systems and pumps.

Our certified waterproofing specialist will do:

  • caulk;
  • rolled;
  • polymer;
  • acrylic;
  • prayable polyurea.

Our waterproofing expert near you uses different materials for work that are carefully chosen based on the climate, type of soil, condition of the surface, and climate. If the area is at risk of waterlogging a large mass of water, then use a bitumen material laid in several layers overlapping to prevent leaks.

Our masters will offer the best option of waterproofing after the inspection of the site, and, after the agreement of the client, they will start the work immediately and provide a guarantee.

Quick, professional and at very reasonable cost.
No hidden costs.
The installation was complicated as the municipal sewage backed up when the pipe was cut, but the team did not complain despite working in harsh conditions.

Lev, Whitby

POM was prompt, courteous and thorough. We would recommend to anyone. We had a backwater valve installed. I called Sunday, got a quote Monday, has the work done the following Monday (including issuing of building permit).

Trisha Grant

They have installed sump pump system in our house. They were very much on time and during the installation they have worked very clean.
You may rely on their advises.
Highly recommended.

Burçin, Toronto

Our Waterproofing Services

Toronto Waterproofing Services

Looking for house waterproofing companies? Then talk to us. We have affordable prices for all types of citizens. Work on waterproofing is best done when the building, but even if it is old, our craftsmen can do it. You should specify your local area for this, pre-leaving an application online or by phone. Home waterproofing near you will help:

  • Prevent the destruction of the building due to water inside the material.
  • Eliminate the unpleasant smell of dampness.
  • Prevent mold and other pathogenic bacteria.
  • Create comfortable living conditions.

Among the services we can order:

  1. External and internal waterproofing.
  2. Waterproofing of foundation cracks.
  3. Reinforcement and lowering of the foundation.
  4. Waterproofing for the new house.
  5. Repair work to rebuild the foundation.
  6. Drainage pump.
  7. Space encapsulation.
  8. Waterproofing of underground spaces: parking lot, basement, cellar.
  9. Treatment of drains for water.
  10. Installation of drainage.
  11. Mold removal.

If your home has a wet basement or an increased humidity level, our waterproofing specialists near you will eliminate the problem as quickly as possible. You need to take advantage of a good offer of waterproofing services near you from our company.


Exterior waterproofing is one of most efficient and reliable ways to perform waterproofing of your property.

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Interior waterproofing might be as part of complex solution for the external waterproofing.

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There are 2 possible ways to discharge water from weeping tile system. The first solution is a gravity.

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One of most common places for water penetration is right below the basement window frame.

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The French drain is required in order to re-direct water away from your house.

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Back Water Valve Installation

Backwater valves are a must-have for some buildings, and a should-have for all.

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Why choose us?

We are the best in the field!

About POM Waterproofing

Why is waterproofing important for a person? If the material is not installed correctly or if there is no waterproofing, the moisture is absorbed by the foundation. It will gradually spread all over the surface of the building. Mold appears and releases spores that are harmful to humans, leading to asthma and allergies. Then, under the influence of moisture, the foundation begins to break down, appear microcracks, and then the deep through cracks. As a result, the building comes into the emergency condition and requires a serious and costly repair. Therefore, it is necessary to protect against water properly using internal and external waterproofing systems.

It is also recommended to make a drainage system in the basement using pipes and gravel. It will allow you to remove excess water faster when flooding.

You can find waterproofers in your area on the Internet cheaper. But it does not guarantee the quality of the work. Among the advantages of cooperation with our company mono:

  • Good reputation.
  • The use of quality and safe materials.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Accuracy of work.

Many waterproofing companies in your area do not perform work in old buildings. It requires a lot of additional tasks. Our experts, on the contrary, from the humid and moldy basement, will make a dry and clean room that can be used as a wine cellar or storage for their belongings.

We work with individual commercial organizations and will also tell you all the waterproofing companies near you if you are not satisfied with the prices of our services. You can check the price list of our services from our managers. But the exact cost of the works the client gets after a survey of the object by our specialist. As in most cases, additional works are required to eliminate cracks in the foundation of the building.

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