Damp Proofing

If you find yourself struggling with your foundation sustaining moisture damage, it’s time to consider damp proofing. Damp proofing is the act of coating your foundation exterior so that it’s protected from moisture in the soil. The coating is usually asphalt-based and is sprayed on or applied by hand. Read on if you think you might need damp proofing contractors in Mississauga.

Moisture Damage

The moisture that stays in the soil around a house can cause a lot of extensive damage. To start, concrete as well as stone and brick will get what’s called moisture decay. The moisture will break down the foundation over time.

It won’t just wear away at the base of the foundation. If your foundation begins to crack, and most will, the moisture can get inside as well. This is how wood rot starts. Any wood in your house’s structure that becomes damp will begin to rot. Your basement will start growing mold and your house’s entire structural integrity will collapse. The foundation truly is the most important part of the house.

What Is It?

What damp proofing does is it allows you to prevent any of that moisture damage in the first place. The coating on the outside of your foundation keeps it from decaying. It is less likely to crack and any cracks that do appear won’t leak moisture because they’re sealed from the outside.

This is the perfect solution to protecting your home in a moderate climate. If you live in a very wet climate, you should consider waterproofing instead. Waterproofing is more thorough at protecting your home from more than just moisture.

Should I Damp Proof?

How do you know if you should damp proof your foundation? Well, if you’re moving into a new house, you should ask if it’s already been damp proofed. If not, put damp proofing into your moving budget to ensure that the house you’re buying will last as long as you will!

If you’re already struggling with moisture in your basement, you’ll want to tackle the current problems as well. However, you can still damp proof. The only thing is that you’ll need to plan for the damp proofing. For instance, before damp proofing can be done, any cracks in the foundation must be filled. This is because once the coating is in place, you won’t be able to access those cracks to fix them. The foundation would become permanently damaged.

Get Damp Proofing in Mississauga

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