Sump Pump Waterproofing

There are two possible ways to drain water from a weeping tile system. The first solution is gravity. It’s the typical way of draining when we’re able to install drain piping with a downward slope into the existing drainage system. Sometimes the natural drainage system is not deep enough to install a gravity slope. In that case, installing a sump pump waterproofing system is necessary.

Pump Types

There are several types of sump pump, but this is the most common:

  • An electrical pump with a float. When the water level goes up, the float rises and signals to the pump that it’s time to turn on. When powered on, the pump removes water from the sump basin and channels it away from the house. This system is technically very efficient and cost-effective but it does have one weakness. If you have an electrical blackout, the pump will lose power and won’t be able to work. During this time, weeping tiles will be ineffective and your basement may become flooded.

To protect you from the risk of flooding during a power outage, we offer these solutions:

  • A pump with back-up battery. This is a pump with its own battery power. The battery will remain charged when your electricity is functional. If the power goes out, the battery kicks in and takes over so that your sump pump is always working. The batteries are available in different sizes depending on motor power and backup time. This solution is great for limited coverage, as the battery won’t last forever. This pump has an independent float that will trigger the pump startup when the water hits emergency levels. How much water triggers emergency pumping is up to you and can be adjusted on site. This pump has the same performance level as the regular electric pump.
  • A powerless pump. This pump would be suggested if you’re worried that a power outage might outlive your battery. If you tend to have a high level of moisture in your basement and power outages aren’t fixed quickly, this might be your best option. The powerless pump works from water circulation in the water main. It is a smaller performance pump but will still help you avoid flooding when you don’t have power for long periods of time.

Contact us if you’re struggling with basement moisture problems and would like to discuss sump pump waterproofing solutions!

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