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French Drain

French Drain Toronto

To have your own house is a great happiness for man. But the failure of the drainage system can lead to unpleasant consequences: dampness in the room, the penetration of water into the room, and the appearance of mold. Contact our company if you have water in your yard or need help waterproofing the room. Our French drain experts will fix the problem by repairing your water drains. The company works throughout Toronto and offers warranties on the work done. You can find our rates on our website or ask our managers for more information.

What Is A French Drain?

According to history, the first drainage system was developed by French Henry from Massachusetts, the creator wrote a book on drainage, and it became popular in 1859. His invention made it possible to get rid of excess water. Originally french drainage system basement was a trench or pipe filled with crushed stones, sand, or gravel. Water flowing into such a drain passed through the rock, leaving debris in a collection basin that was cleaned as it became clogged. Today, the system has not changed in design. There are only modern materials with better resistance to mechanical damage used.

How Does It Work?

French drainage installation is carried out around the foundation from the outside. The system allows you to withdraw water from the building and prevent its destruction. Similar to a gutter, water flows into a drain at ground level. Seeping through it into the earth’s interior, it is cleared of street debris. The water is soaking into the soil and is filtered through the sand and gravel in a special pipe, so it enters the groundwater completely purified, which does not harm the environment.

When the system fails, the water penetrates under the foundation, leading to its gradual destruction. In private homes, water drainage is carried out away from the building. If the house is multistory or there is no possibility of drainage, the best french drainage system is mounted under the basement floor.

The principle of the drain is similar to the trench under the slope. The water is sent to the sump and then to the storm drain.

Why Might You Need French Drain Installation?

If there are problems with water drainage in the yard, there is a risk of flooding. Water destroys tiles, lawns, and foundations. And it elevates mosquito breeding. The french drain system near you is especially relevant in homes near slopes. If you have such a landscape, and after the rains, there is water in the yard, we recommend you install a French drain system.

The uniqueness of a French drain is that it fits any type of landscape. Our team will quickly determine the best place to install the system, ensuring maximum drainage from your home.

Installing the system cannot be done by yourself. It requires experience, and the process itself is complicated. You should dig a trench, install pipes at a slope, and install drainage using materials. Our trench drain installers near you are using special tools and making calculations to the millimeter. Therefore, our systems save your home from destruction and flooding.

French Drain Installation Toronto!

We make sure that inside french drains for basements work flawlessly. Our system installation is done in stages:

  1. A trench 12 inches wide and 18-24 inches deep is dug. A slope is made every 8 inches by 1 inch. The trench is placed below the level of the flooring if the system is installed in a basement.
  2. Gravel is placed on the bottom of the drain, which acts as a filter. This prevents clogging of the drain with organic material and debris from the street. Gravel or granite is used for drainage, as this material is not destroyed by water. Rocks are selected to be no larger than 1 inch in size and placed in a trench 2 to 3 inches deep. The gravel is washed before backfilling so that dust and small particles cannot block the runoff water.
  3. To make a French drain service near you, use PVC pipes, and flexible ones with drilled holes and slots. The holes are directed downward, so the water flows away and prevents clogging. If you do not want to change the landscape design and wish to prevent the growth of weeds, the pipe is wrapped with a special cloth.
  4. The pipe is covered with gravel, coarse sand, sod, or earth from above. This allows you to hide the gutter, but it will complicate maintenance. Also, the pipe may not be covered with anything other than a piece of fabric. This is at the customer’s discretion. We understand how important to you that the beauty of the landscape design is, so the work is carried out carefully, so as not to harm the plants planted in the ground.

If you need to install inside french drains for basements, contact us. Our specialists will plan the system after inspection of the facility and calculate the cost of the work. The provided services come with a guarantee. The work is carried out on sites with different types of soil.

To ensure that the interior french drain system works perfectly, you can sign a service contract with us. Our specialist will come on time and clean the drain from clogging.

To order service, fill out the form on the website or call us back. To get answers to your questions, you can online chat or by phone. We find an individual approach for each client and try to fit it into the budget. Our aim is to help you protect your building from flooding and extend its life.

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