French Drain

French drains are used to direct water away from your house. These are used, usually, when a connection to a sanitary drain isn’t available. With no place for rain water to go, it will often pool in the yard or absorb into the ground around the house. Having really wet soil around the house can lead to basement water damage. That’s why a French drain installation or sanitary drain connection is vital for avoiding damage.

How Do They Work?

Typically, French drains are used to redirect water from spouts and gutters. The rain water collected from the roof has a tendency to flood the yard if not connected to a drain of some kind. The French drain redirects water approximately 20 feet away from the house and then filters it into the ground. This gives it enough distance to avoid damage to the house.

French drains are also commonly used with trench drains installed in front of garage doors. The two can be connected in order to redirect water from the garage door to the ground nearby. POM Plumbing offers both trench drains and French drains in Mississauga!

French Drain Installation

Call or email us if you’re having problems with pooling water or moisture damage! We’re happy to help you with a french drain installation in Mississauga.

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