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Back Water Valve Installation

How Does the Backwater Valve Work?

In areas with high rainfall and coastal regions, there is a high risk of flooding the basement. That is why there is a need to install a sewer backwater valve to drain the water quickly. The device works as a basic cleaning. If a previously plumbing backwater valve was in the sewer system and during heavy rains can not cope with the water diversion, this system will prevent the water backflow and protect the basement from flooding.

If the plumbing backwater valve is installed correctly, the water stops before entering the sewer system. At the same time, the lower point of the device may be observed leaking water in small quantities, which indicates that the sewer is blocked and needs a master to fix the system. It is not difficult to fix the problem, as the element has an easily removable cover.

The fitting is checked for serviceability to ensure the proper operation of the valve. So if you need backwater valve installation or maintenance, repair the system contact our company. Our craftsmen will install the system and monitor its performance so that your home is always dry and comfortable to live in.

The Dangers of Sewer Backups are Numerous

If the operation of the backwater valve is broken, it leads to flooding in the room during heavy precipitation. The causes of a malfunctioning element are:

  • High pressure in the system causes water to leak from the valve.
  • Wear and tear of the valve elements due to prolonged use.
  • Contamination of the element when dirt, scale, or debris in the water got inside it led to the blockage of the mechanism.

As tools for repair, the handyman usually uses an electronic tester, socket and adjustable wrenches, a knife, a silicone hose, socket wrenches, and screwdrivers. Also, the problem with the machine may be caused by improper installation. So, before starting the repair, the master carefully checks the device installation. It should be installed so that its arrow coincides with the direction of water flow.

After the repair or installation of the device, the entire system is checked for proper operation. Dismantling and installing of the valve are carried out with the use of special tools. It is recommended to order the maintenance of the device, not waiting for its complete wear and tear, in time to replace it with a new element. To replace the device, you should buy a similar model with better characteristics, which will improve the entire system’s performance.

How Does the Backwater Valve Installation Work?

The sanitary sewer backwater valve works by opening when the water pressure increases and closing when the water pressure decreases. The valve assembly is usually made of plastic, less often metal. Inside the element, there are nozzles, outlets, and inlet. Between them, there is a ball-shaped element in a chamber filled with air. When the water from the locking element, exerts pressure on the diaphragm and the chamber closes. There is also a shutoff valve in the design to shut off the pipe in case it bursts.

Full node’s operation requires regular cleaning, so the element’s body can be easily dismantled. The check valve can be installed in any position with the arrow pointing to the fluid flow.

Back Water Valve Installation

Before installing a sewer drain backwater valve, the master determines the best place for its installation. This takes into account free access to the node of the valve for the purpose of its cleaning. Choosing the element is absurd to focus on its cost. It is better to buy a quality device than to buy a cheap one every 3-6 months. It is also a guarantee of the safety of your apartment or house from flooding. Therefore, saving on the cost of the valve, you will pay many times more for repairs in case of flooding. Carefully study the way of installation of the element. There are elements available for vertical, horizontal installation, and universal models.

When installing the valve, carefully check that the arrow drawn on the device’s lid is directed to the sewage collector. Also, check the instrument for leaks before the installation.

To install the valve in the pipeline, make a cutout of the right size. In the case of cast iron sewage, to install the device will have to mount an adapter. A sanitary backwater valve is installed strictly in the direction of fluid flow. After installation, the device is checked for proper operation.

Which Homes Require Backwater Valve Installation?

It is important to install basement backwater valves for residents of multi-story buildings, especially those who live on the first floor. After all, they are the first to suffer from unpleasant odors from the basement and flooding from the neighbors upstairs. If the system is installed correctly, wastewater moves through the pipe at a certain speed provided by the construction slope. In the case of foundation subsidence, the flow rate slows, and inclusions settle on the pipeline walls. It leads to clogging of the sewer. Insufficient water flow becomes the cause of the blockage of the pipe. It does not have time to flush out the impurities.

Also, with prolonged use of pipes, sediment is deposited on the walls, reducing the clearance inside the pipeline. After the particles accumulate, a clog appears, which can only be eliminated by a specialist using special tools and chemicals.

When a clog occurs, the water with the impurities rises and exits through the holes in the toilet or bathtub. A backflow preventer prevents overflowing and helps keep the apartment from leaking until the problem is fixed.

When Should You Install a Backwater Valve?

Stinky water with sewage foul quickly spreads around your home if there is a leak, causing irreparable damage. The smell is hard to get rid of. So repairs should be made. It is putting a strain on the property owner’s budget. To prevent this unpleasant situation, you should install a backwater valve for the sewer, which will prevent the emergence of sewage in the apartment.

You can order the installation of a backwater valve right now, leaving an application on our website. Our specialist will contact you to agree on the address and time of arrival, and you will have a guarantee for the completed work.

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