When Is Damp Proofing Better Than Waterproofing?

When Is Damp Proofing Better Than Waterproofing?

If you’ve got a building that’s in need of some kind of moisture guard, you’re probably deliberating between damp proofing and waterproofing. The question is, which one is better? Waterproofing is more extensive, so is damp proofing ever the better choice? Let’s take a look at what makes them different and how to choose between them.

The Difference Between the Two

One can guess just from the names that waterproofing is more extensive than damp proofing. If we look at it in a bit more detail, we can see just how they differ.

Damp proofing is intended to keep soil moisture from penetrating cement, brick, or stone basement walls. It involves digging around the basement walls of a building and coating the walls in a liquid membrane. This can be made with materials such as tar that’s sprayed on. The coating is usually about 10mm thick and keeps the moisture from the soil from contacting the building at all.

Waterproofing is much more extensive and involves an additional barrier that’s solid. The total membrane of exterior basement waterproofing is about 4 times as thick. This is, of course, much more effective, which is why it’s the go-to solution for buildings experiencing actual water collection against their sides. 

If your home is located, for example, on a hill, a heavy rain could lead to actual streams of water running past your house. This will eat into the stone making up your basement walls and erode it. It will also leak into the basement and can cause floods. Waterproofing will prevent this.

What Makes Waterproofing Better?

Waterproofing is better than damp proofing, in terms of capabilities and water damage prevention, because of how thick and flexible it is. However, just because it’s stronger than damp proofing doesn’t mean it’s the must-have solution for all buildings.

When Is Damp Proofing the Better Choice?

Damp proofing is, perhaps, the better choice for most residential buildings. Most homes won’t ever have so much water resting against the sides of their basements that full waterproofing is necessary. The majority of homes will be adequately protected with the former.

Is there any reason not to get waterproofing? It may be stronger, but if you don’t need it, the practicality of spending the extra money on it is debatable. 

Simply put, damp proofing is the better choice if your home doesn’t need waterproofing and if your budget doesn’t either. There’s no need to spring for the more extensive service if it will never actually benefit you.

Waterproofing Services in Toronto

Whichever damage prevention method is right for you, POM Waterproofing can help you out. We do both damp proofing and waterproofing for all types of buildings in Toronto. Let us know you’re looking for services and we can give you a quote.