Installing a French Drain to Prevent Garden Flooding

Installing a French Drain to Prevent Garden Flooding

Plumbing and waterproofing come with a lot of words and terms that aren’t common vocabulary. After all, the average person has no need to know the meaning and purpose of ten different kinds of drain, right? Well, maybe not, but if you end up needing help, it’s nice to know what to ask for. Would you know what to ask for if you wanted to prevent garden flooding? You will when you’re done with this article!

How to Prevent Garden Flooding

If you’re experiencing any kind of flooding or pooling in your garden because your yard is sloped, there’s an easy solution: the French drain. A French drain will give water that would normally pool a place to go that isn’t your garden. If your garden regularly floods because of your yard sloping into it, a French drain placed at the beginning of the garden will stop the flooding. We can even cover the drain in gravel or garden rocks to make it function like an accessory to your garden. There’s no reason your French drain should detract from the overall appearance of your yard.

How Does a French Drain Work?

A French drain is, simply put, a drain meant to prevent flooding at lower points in the ground. They’re most commonly found at the base of a sloping driveway – in front of the garage – and at the lower end of a sloped yard.

The French drain prevents flooding and, instead, redirects water away from the house and yard. If there’s a nearby storm drain, your French drain can redirect water to there. Otherwise, a nearby ditch will do just fine and help to prevent garden flooding.

Installing a French Drain

What is the French drain installation process like? It depends on where it’s being installed.

If your French drain is being installed in your yard to prevent garden flooding, the process is fairly simple. We’ll start by digging a trench the length of the future drain. We’ll also need to dig a trench where any drainage pipe is laid. The drain will be installed in the trench. The French drain is shaped kind of like a trough with a grate on top. This grate can be covered with decorative stones or large enough gravel.

When the French drain is installed, water that would normally turn your garden into a big mud pit will get caught before reaching it. It will then be redirected into the connected drainage ditch or storm drain.

Get a French Drain in Toronto

If you’re looking for a French drain to be installed somewhere in Toronto, POM Waterproofing is here to help. Give us a call and we can give you a visit to work up a price estimate. We look forward to hearing from you and improving your yard’s drainage!