How to Prevent Roof Water Runoff from Pooling

How to Prevent Roof Water Runoff from Pooling

If you’re having a tough time with roof water runoff pooling in your yard, POM Waterproofing is here to help. We know how frustrating it can be to have your yard looking like a swamp because of improper runoff management. So, let us help you with these simple solutions to prevent roof water runoff from pooling.

Gutter to French Drain Connection

Even with gutters that work how they’re supposed to, you can end up with roof water runoff pooling. Many gutters are installed so that they offload roof water runoff into a tray beside the house. The problem is, this method of dispersing water into the yard doesn’t end well if there’s a lot of rain in the area.

Instead of letting water pool in your yard, you should rely on a connection between your gutter and a French drain. 

French Drain Installation

To prevent yard flooding from roof water runoff, you’re going to want something called a French drain. These drains are elongated traps for water – like a gutter that’s installed in the ground. These drains are frequently used to prevent yard flooding as well as garage flooding. They can be installed at the bottom of a sloped driveway or yard. Or, in this case, they can cut through a yard that has a low point that tends to flood.

French drains are typically covered in a grate, gravel, or garden rocks. Water will flow past these coverings and collect in the drain. The water is then redirected away from the house, keeping the soil around your home from becoming saturated. If you connect the end of your runoff gutter to your French drain, the drain will take away roof water runoff as well as any excess water in the yard.

Prevent Pooling Without a French Drain

If your yard doesn’t have any pooling issues aside from what comes from the runoff gutter, you may not need a French drain. While French drains have a similar installation process to a redirection drain, they are visible from the surface. So, if you would prefer not to see garden stones or gravel where a French drain is installed, we can install a subterranean redirection drain instead.

A redirection drain, while not an official name, is simply a pipe that will redirect water away from the house. For example, if there is a rain ditch near your home, we can install a pipe that connects the end of your runoff gutter to the rain ditch. Then, any roof water runoff will simply run, underground, to that rain ditch, completely skipping your yard.

Professional Drain Installation in Toronto

If you need a redirection drain or French drain installed to prevent pooling in your yard, call us at POM Waterproofing. We look forward to getting your yard back to working order and looking its best.