Installation of a check valve: on what the cost depends, to do everything yourself or trust professionals

Due to their geographic location, climatic conditions and other factors, many houses are subject to waterlogging and large amounts of wastewater accumulation through the drain in the basement. 

A qualified installation of a check valve on water will help to solve the problem presented – it is this part that prevents water from entering the basement of the house if the sewer line is overflowing due to precipitation or other factors. As soon as hazardous and smelly sewage begins to flow out of the sewer line, the check valve closes automatically so that the sewage does not flow into the basement. This element works so that it temporarily blocks the drain using a special small flap.

It is difficult to overestimate the usefulness of installing a check valve, but the quality of the installation is of great importance in this matter. Many homeowners are interested in the backwater valve cost to install, which depends on several factors. If you want to put this element in your home and preplan the budget or need help deciding what is better: independent installation or professional help – you should read our article. 

Top 5 factors affecting the price of mounting a check valve for water

Each specific project has its own individual backwater valve installation cost varies which is influenced by many factors. For a small home, the process presented can cost as little as a few hundred dollars. It will cost more if you want to install multiple check valves in a reasonably large building (residential or commercial). In addition, the final pricing for this service is also affected by subsidies from local authorities. The rates are influenced by another equally important factor – the layout of the building and what kind of check valve should be put. 

If you are interested in sewer backwater valve installation costs and want to plan your budget, you should consider several important factors that affect the final pricing. We’ve compiled the five most important ones.

№1: What type of backwater valve to install

The final cost is significantly affected by the size and model of the check valve. System rates range from $130-$999, depending on the specific model. The homeowner can pre-calculate exactly what type of check valve he needs: to do this, it is worth measuring the distance from the house to the main sewer line in the area. Installation of some check valves is cheaper than others.

No. 2: The right size check valve

Check valves come in a relatively wide range of models. The most common size elements installed in homes are 0.5 to 12 inches. For the installation of a half-inch system will have to pay 35-55 dollars, but if you need a one-inch system, it will cost up to 100 dollars. If the system is more extensive, it will cost more to install: a 2-inch system costs $75 to $200, and a 6-inch system costs up to $300. If you need an even larger system, it will cost more. The most extensive system at 12 inches will cost up to $600.

No. 3: What type of work is done: installing or upgrading an old valve

Installing a check valve for water is a necessity or just a very comfortable solution (it all depends on the norms of a particular municipality). In certain situations, they are installed immediately during the construction of the building, or they can be upgraded in an existing home. Installing a check valve during initial construction will cost an average of $150 to $250. If the plumbers are tasked with retrofitting a check valve, this situation will require removing some layer of concrete to open up the main sewer line. In this situation, the installation cost will be much higher – a minimum of $1,500 and a maximum of $2,000. In certain situations, installing a check valve can only be done with the municipality’s support. 

No. 4: How problematic is getting to the pipes in the basement or outside the building?

The final cost of the project is significantly affected by the need for earthworks – how deep the foreman will have to dig to get to the pipe. Also, in certain cases, it is necessary to dismantle the floor if the pipe is located below the level of the base of the house. The more complicated the work, the more you will have to pay. You should also consider that in some complex situations, groundwork requires the involvement of special equipment.

No. 5: The level of difficulty of the work being done

The rates of licensed plumbers range from $80 to $400. It all depends on the experience and qualifications of the specialist. Most states do not require a permit. But if a permit to install a check valve is required, it often costs no more than $50. Before installing this element, it is worth checking whether a permit is needed. Regardless of who exactly does the installation: you do everything by yourself, or you went to a qualified contractor, the municipal sewer service requires payment of a permit – it will cost an average of $ 50. However, if the check valve needs to be installed in a sprinkler system or a commercial facility, the fee will be slightly higher.

Is it possible to cut the budget if you do all the work yourself

Experts do not recommend installing a check valve system, even if you are pretty good at various plumbing tasks. If complex work is planned at the site, particularly those that require drilling, it is best to turn to a master. At the same time, it is worth noting that you will have to pay a couple of hundred more for services, but you can not doubt the quality of the work performed. In addition, it is best to seek help from licensed plumbers to protect yourself from any risks and unforeseen situations during the installation, which can cause damage covered by insurance.

If you have all the necessary tools on hand, however, it only takes $35 to install the check valve yourself. It all depends on the layout of your home. In some situations, you will need to pay more. For example, if you have to work in the basement for installation, you will need to buy or rent a particular drill. Also, in some situations, removing particular objects that impede access to the installation site may be necessary.

Buy a check valve yourself or order a turnkey service

Like buying the item itself, it should be done by true professionals to install check valves for sump pumps. The check valve must be appropriately chosen, corresponding to several parameters: size, model and others. Turning to professionals, you will get the best deals from suppliers of the highest quality components. Entrusting this task to professionals, you will save yourself from unnecessary worries. They can take care of all the tasks, providing a turnkey service – craftsmen themselves will choose the correct check valve, install it, and the customer will only have to accept the work.