Installation of a sump pump: cost, additional costs, the dependence of the price of installation on the type of device

If you are constantly faced with flooding in the basement of the house and want to prevent it, consider installing a sump pump. Presented equipment is installed in the basement or a pit, from where it will pump water and divert it to a safe distance outside the house.

Of course, the presented equipment can not be attributed to the cheap. The average cost of a sump pump installation in the country is about $ 1300. However, the final price depends on many factors. If you are interested in the cost of adding a sump pump, want to know the price of adding a sump pump is, how much you will have to pay the plumbers and what additional costs must be considered, then you should definitely read our article. Our experts will be able to guide you properly on the rates and help you budget competently.

Prices for pump installation depend on the type of equipment

The average cost of installing a new sump pump largely depends on what type of equipment you want to put in. Today’s homeowners can install 2 basic types of pump: submersible or pedestal.

How much does it cost to install a submersible pump?

A special submersible pump is placed in the sump to divert water from the drainage system. It is worth noting that such a device will cost quite an impressive amount. Still, they are more effective in diverting water from the basement. The average cost to install a sump pump in the basement submersible type is 630 dollars. To spend the equipment installation precisely in areas that are often and seriously flooded. A submersible pump is characterized by a greater power, which does not work so loud. The service life of new equipment is up to 12 years.

Prices for the installation of a pedestal pump

This type of pump is installed directly on the ground, from where it will pump the water and transfer it to the drainage system or directly to the outdoors. The basement sump pump installation cost in the pedestal is much less than the submersible equipment. Still, the efficiency of the technique could be higher.

The price to install a sump pump in the basement is calculated based on the cost of the equipment itself and payment for the work. The pump itself will cost an average of $280. As for the place of installation, it is advisable to put it in an area where the basement is not so substantially flooded. The main advantage of the presented equipment is that it is quite easy and simple to get to it to repair, clean or inspect it if necessary. Pedestal pumps can last up to 25 years if the operating requirements are met.

How the price of pump installation is made up – what factors are taken into consideration when making the price list

The average cost to install a sump pump system depends on various parameters. Several factors influence the pricing:

No. 1: How easy is it to get to the installation site

In the basement of the house, the floor may be earthen – in this situation, digging a hole for the pump is much easier, which is not the case with a concrete surface. The cost of excavation is $300 to $500 total or $5 to $10 per linear foot. Suppose you have to destroy the concrete floor in the basement. In that case, the cost of installing a new sump pump increases significantly and averages $2,500 to $5,000.

No. 2: Where to work: Geography

The cost of installing a sump pump system largely depends on your state and the rates offered by plumbers from your region. This service will cost more in a big city than in the periphery. In addition, the geographical location also determines the rates for materials and permit fees.

No. 3: The complexity of the work

The average cost to install a sump pump in a crawl space depends largely on how much the craftsman will ask for the work. Labour often costs $45 to $200 an hour to install the equipment. If you need to put in a new pump, then on average, it takes up to 4 hours. If you need to replace the old equipment with a new model, it will take no more than 1 hour. Installation of this equipment involves not only plumbing but also electrical work. It’s also worth checking your state’s laws to make sure you need a permit for this work. It often costs $50 to $200, depending on the state.

No. 4: Whether you need to update or create a new drainage system

If you need a new drainage system or if you want to upgrade an old one, it will cost $400-12,000. It all depends on the interior perimeter of the basement, what materials will be used for it and other features.

No. 5: Is it necessary to install a backup battery

Cost to Install a sump pump with battery backup will be a bit more, but it’s a must in a location where power outages occur from time to time. When making a cost estimate, you should definitely consider this nuance.

How much money will have to be spent on replacing the sump pump

If you need to replace the old pump with a new one, you will often have to spend $300 to $1,000. At the same time, replacement is faster than installing new equipment from scratch. This is because it is easier to get to the equipment, and there is no need to perform groundwork or destroy concrete.

What else do you need to spend on during the installation

It would be best if you considered additional factors when planning the budget for installing pumping equipment in the basement. In particular, it is often necessary to add backup sump pump installation cost, money for maintenance, filters, backup batteries, and more to the estimate.

Flood Insurance

Even when a sump pump operates almost continuously, there is always the possibility of flooding. In this situation, it is wise to take out insurance on your property in case of flooding. On average, a policy will cost $800 per year. Insurance will often cover property damage in the form of the house itself and what’s inside.

Equipment Maintenance

Pumps definitely need periodic maintenance. On average, you’ll have to spend $250 a year on this, which is the cost of diagnosing the pump. The unit should be inspected for debris, potential clogs and other problems. If the equipment does not turn on, or you notice uncharacteristic strange sounds, you should call a master.

Carrying out repair work

Repairing a diverter pump can cost up to $500. It all depends on the complexity of the breakdown. The master can repair various technical units of the equipment – check valve, outlet pipe, motor and other elements. Before you repair the pump, you need to think thoroughly about what is more appropriate: repair the equipment or buy a new one.

Extra Battery

Suppose there are frequent power outages in your area. In that case, the cost to install a battery backup sump pump into the expense items is worth putting the cost to install. This will allow the pump to continue running even when there is no power. A battery backup pump will cost an average of $1,300 to install the equipment in your basement.

Backup water diversion equipment

The cost of battery backup sump pump installation should definitely be added to the estimate. This is a must for those homeowners who live in a fairly humid area where basements have a fairly high risk of flooding. In this situation, one pump isn’t enough.

Drain Pump Filters

For the submersible model to last as long as possible, you must change the filters promptly. With their help, it is possible to protect the pump from debris, solid particles and clogs. On average, this element will cost about $60.


In general, if you want to know the sump pump installation cost near you, you should explore several companies’ offers in your area. To gain experience in such work, it is best to turn to real professionals. They will promptly and qualitatively install the part, taking adequate money.